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Welcome to the Chase Emerson Memorial Library Web Site
Library Hours

Deer Isle Library - Online
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Writer's Workshop at the Library!
Have you ever had the urge to write a novel? a memoir? essays?... but maybe didn’t know exactly how to get started? If so, here’s just the thing for you! The Library will host a Writer’s Workshop on Saturday, April 28, beginning at 1 p.m. The workshop will be facilitated by Castine Maine author, Deborah Joy Corey. Ms. Corey is the author of Settling Twice, The Skating Pond, and Losing Eddie, to name a few. The cost of the workshop will be $25.00 per person. Please Pre-Register with the Chase Emerson Library by Saturday, April 21st. For more info, contact the Library at (207) 348-2899 or

Book Reading and Discussion

The next book discussion will be on Monday, May 7th at 1 p.m..  This month's book choice is Midnight in Broad Daylight, by Pamela Rotner Sakamoto.  All are welcome!

Upcoming Events!
Mark the following upcoming events on your calendars and watch for more information to come! May 9: Lynn Havsall will present a talk on Owls. May 30: Maine author and Stonington native Linda Greenlaw will join us for a booktalk and signing! June 18 - August 18: Kid's Summer Reading incentive program begins: "CAPTAIN BOOK & THE BOOKAROOS!" July 11: Anica Rissi (children's author) will present a booktalk and signing. July 17: Presentation on seeds, by Heron Breen. July 30: The Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers will join us, presenting a puppet show for area children and their families! September 10: DINING WITH THE STARS (Dinner and astronomy program, a collaboration for the Library with Whale's Rib Restaurant.) Check back for more info and additional programs!

Attention Library patrons and Deer Isle citizens:

Please do NOT leave book or movie donations on the Library's doorstep! ANY & ALL donations must have prior approval from the Library Director. While we appreciate the generosity of patrons and citizens in wanting to donate items to the Library, we simply have NO space to store them. Also, when things are left outside the door when the Library is closed, they have a tendency to get ruined by rain and dampness. At that point, a donation becomes a liability, because we then have to find someone to transport the items to the dump. This is NOT a kind thing to do to your local Library! Thank you for your compliance with this request!

A Jimminy Cricket Approach to Overdues

Deer Isle Library has adopted a Jimminy Cricket approach to overdues: let your conscience be your guide. If you are late in returning materials, please make a donation. Help the Library to help you!

  Chase Emerson Memorial Library
  PO Box 9, 17 Main Street
  Deer Isle, Maine 04627-0009

  Telephone: (207) 348-2899

Working Waterfront
Deer Isle - Stonington Historical Society
  2 PM  to
10 AM  to
9 AM  to
6 PM
12 PM
4 PM
Librarian: Valerie Messana
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